Old Famous Women Poker Players That You Should Know About

Wild West Poker Ladies
Let’s focus a little bit on the good old wild west. When you think of poker rooms in the dusty saloons, you are probably imagining a group of cowboys playing the most popular card game with a poker face – poker.
However, everyday life was completely different: women played as often as men! Damn it, some poker ladies were also notorious like the famous Wild West players – Poker Alice, Kitty Leroy, Lottie Deno and Maria Gertrudi’s “Tules” Barcel√≥ to name a few.

Probably the most popular Wild West player was Poker Alice. Her real name was Alice Ivers and she played all over the west – from New Mexico and Arizona to Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and South Dakota.
Alice won $ 6,000 that night thanks to famous poker face.
Poker Alice ripped off a lot of male players and thanks to her expressionless face – or poker face – she had an advantage that often made her win up to $ 6,000 in one night. Poker Alice had three husbands, a revolver and their very own saloon! Lonely tip!

Female poker pros
Speaking of poker, 1977 is a milestone for women in gaming history. This year has very first Women’s World Cup (WSOP) occurred. The most famous and successful female poker players in the world should be mentioned in this post:
Vanessa Selbst, the only woman to be number one in the Global Poker Index.
The first Party Poker Million tournament in 2002 was won by Kathy Liebert.
Named as the youngest person to win a World Series of Poker bracelet (2007 World Series of Poker Europe) is Annette Obrestad.
Vanessa Rousso, aka Lady Maverick, who has been making money as a professional poker player since 2005.

A look into the future: women are changing the gambling industry
The female gambling community is constantly growing, so the percentage of women visiting online casinos is increasing every year. Almost 50% of the players are women! All attention! When it comes to leadership positions in the gaming industry, there are still not as many women as men, but here are a few names to keep in mind:
Patricia Becker, the first woman to be admitted as a counsellor to the international association of gaming consultants, with more than 35 years of experience in the gaming world, specializing in complaints and regulatory issues;
Virginia McDowell, the only president and CEO of a major gaming company from 2007 until she retired.

International Happy Women’s Day!
So that you can fully enjoy International Women’s Day, we hereby end the journey through the history of gaming. Hats off for all women!

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